• Two exciting new Carpenters releases are now available. The new book Carpenters: The Musical Legacy can be ordered here. A big thanks to the authors and Richard Carpenter for their tremendous effort in compiling this book! Also, the new solo piano album Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook is available for ordering here.

Richard Carpenter's Piano Songbook

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Would they just be adding reverb? I wouldn’t want that lol

I wonder if you need special equipment to hear this spatial audio correctly? Or does this work on a regular phone lol. To be honest I’m not familiar with this new streaming spatial audio stuff.


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Some people might like things like spatial audio. I've always found that kind of stuff "gimmicky", like the surround function on a boombox, or the old CD system called "Q-Sound". It's really just a trick with phasing and EQ.

Think about it. This is a solo piano album. How much "space" can one expect from a solo instrument?
About as much as you might have in a restaurant with a solo pianist!


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I waited for my CD for a long two weeks. I barely read anything about it or the track list to add to the excitement (even though I played those tasty single releases). I'm playing it right now- the biggest and most pleasant surprise, if you will, is "Eve". Love it. "For All We Know" is playing right now and I'm melting, that song in any variant seems to get right at my heart.

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I’m really enjoying this album. It’s probably Richard’s best release without Karen. It is a very short album though, and melodies like ‘Rainy Days & Mondays’, ‘Goodbye to Love’, ‘Eve’ and ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ warrant their own complete versions, rather than being shortened into medleys. Apart from that, the album is very pleasing.


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I've been patiently waiting to get this for my birthday and finally got to listen to the vinyl version today. I love it. Quite how he manages to play the twiddly bits every so often I don't know - does he have an extra hand? The colourful cover seems to reflect the music perfectly somehow and his written intro made me chuckle. Relaxing and poignant. I just wish there was a 10th track. I hope he does a part two. I'll be interested to see which section of HMV it ends up in. Rock and pop (with the Carpenters), easy listening or classical? At the moment it's rather hidden away in the new releases section (although at the time of release both the cd and album were on the 'new and trending' display).


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Just got my LP in the mail from Amazon.ca. Haven’t opened the vinyl yet (took it out of the mailer) but I see that it was made in Poland.


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So I've got the LP on right now. When I opened the jacket, the physical vinyl LP itself is housed inside of a cardboard slip-sleeve that is of lighter cardboard than the outer sleeve. But, I must say the artwork, especially the piano/umbrella picture looks a lot better on the 12-inch LP jacket than on the CD jacket. The CD it's kind of meh, but on the LP does it really look good. The inside slip-sleeve contains Richard's whole set of liner notes on just the one side of the sleeve, under the photo of RIchard at the piano with the headphones on. The photo's of Richard straight-on and at the piano from the side are exclusive to the CD booklet, and do not appear anywhere on the LP jacket or inner sleeve.

Physically, the center hole of the LP had some rough edges, but it slipped over the spindle perfectly fine. The label wasn't torn at the hole, but in one spot it was raised a little bit because it was on top of a bit of plastic. And when I looked at the vinyl under the light, it looked like there might've been one or two fingerprints, but they were very light. Not like the Royal Philharmonic LP that looked like it had been dipped in oil and there were fingerprints clearly visible on it. (RCPSB doesn't look like it was dipped in oil.)

While there is no mention anywhere of the weight, the record seems to be a 180g vinyl disc. I had an 80's copy of Epic Record's MIami Sound Machine's Primitive Love on the turntable just before I put RCPSB on, and Primitive Love was a lot thinner and more flexible than RCPSB's disc, and it weighed in my hand a lot less. RCPSB felt more like a shellac 78 than MSMPL's vinyl 33.

I've played through both sides, and even with those issues, the LP was very quiet. during the first track and during I Need To Be In Love there were a couple of static pops, otherwise this was nowhere near the Royal Philharmonic 25-cent-pawn-shop-sound LP with clicks and pops and scratchy noises. And those static pops, the worst track was the Medley, and there was only one instance in INTBIL, but they were not that intrusive, otherwise the LP was very quiet. It didn't sound as sharp as the CD or iTunes version (the iTunes version sounds very harsh and extremely sharp, while the CD version gets rid of the harshness), but then again this is an analog LP, so the analog dulls the sound a little bit, which was nice, since it made the piano (which was probably recorded and mixed in all-digital) sound more like something you would hear in an intimate restaurant, with the piano competing with the low murmurs of the guests talking.
Received it today.
Very eligible red signature on an inlay card that slots in front of the booklet.
not just a squiggle
was quite moved as i was looking at it
Nice that the SIG is on an Inlay card.
I wasn't sure, I've not opened mine.
I can now clearly see the card infront.
I wonder if Richard did a few different colours of his Signature, maybe to match the Artwork?
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