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RICHARD TIMELINE PART 2 1990 > 2004 .....

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As Richard celebrates his 58th birthday this week ....perhaps into the weekend with family & friends ... :wink: -here is timeline part 2 overview of his later years / work & events ....:cool:

1990-Planned 2nd Solo Album postponed as Richard's family & Carpenters projects take priority.... :laugh:

Spring 1990 -UK compiliation "their Greatest Hits "(later retitled Only Yesterday) storms to #1 album for 7 weeks -huge new audience / younger fans made aware of Carpenters legacy & music catalog :D

Summer 1990 -Richard plus long term engineer -Roger Young -commence work on planned 4 CD Box Set with rarities unearthed , some re-recordings work & many remixes of Carpenters classics :o

May 1991 -Richard completes mixing / mastering on now titled "From The Top" Box Set -however several planned inclusions such as Karen / Ella Fitzgerald are omitted due to copyright / clearance problems.Title is from musical term ....Once More From The Top ...for musicians / orchestras :tongue:

October 1991 -From The Top released in USA , Japan & UK plus other markets at later dates.

December 1991-Richard Guests / Plays with old A&M mentor Herb Alpert at Christmas concerts on several seasonal favourites :cool:

July 1992 -Birth of 3rd Daughter -Mindi Karen -aptly named as she is closest in personality to Aunt -Karen :laugh:

Autumn 1992 -Richard & family leave Lubec Downey House -relocate to larger personally designed Downey House with unusual California feature of cellars , plus Mini-Studio , Carpenters Library & Music archive :shock:

Christmas 1992-USA Time Life TV Advertised CD of Carpenters Christmas Songs heavily promoted -set contains several remixes :cool:

1993 -Richard undertakes difficult task of marking 10th Anniversary since Karen's untimely death with series of Radio & TV interviews -decides against releasing any new / unissued Carpenters material :sad:

Autumn 1993 -USA Time Life TV advertised CD of Carpenters Greatest Hits :|

Spring 1994 -Richard back at A&M Studios to Guest on A&M Tribute Album ..." If I Were A Carpenter " on Carpenters favourite -"Let Me Be The One " with Vocalist Matthew Sweet plus work on Themed Carpenters compiliation "Interpretations " with several unissued tracks included :cool:

Summer 1994 -Richard Guests on John Bettis / Steve Dorff Musical Soundtrack "Lunch" with Orchestral instrumental -Lunch Concerto ... :o

July 1994-Birth of only son -Colin Paul Carpenter (4th child) :laugh:

October 1994 -Release of Interpretations in UK / Europe (Japan later 1994 & USA 16 Track set February 1995) -highlight is previously believed lost 1975 Horizon Out-take "Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again" -discovered in 1991 on one of many master tapes....:cool:

October 1st 1994 -Inugural Celebration Concert at Carpenter Performing Arts Center , Long Beach University with Richard finale plus many guests -Herb Alpert , Rita Coolridge , Red Kross (from Tribute Album ) & more :D

November 1995 -Japanese Release 22 Hits of Carpenters -sparks another huge Carpenters revival for new audiences.Sales of over 4 Million and climbing are confirmed.Japanese TV series selects Top Of The World & Carpenter favourite I Need To Be In Love as featured songs -both chart in Japanese Top 10 Singles Charts :laugh:

February 1996-Richard plus Orchestra & other guests perform Classical Concert at Long Beach CPAC :o

Summer / Autumn 1996 -Richard Recording new Solo Album at Hollywood's legendary Capitol Studios :cool:

October 1996 -After 16 year delay -Karen Carpenter Solo Album is released with Richard intro notes -to fans shock & delight :shock:

November 1996-Agnes Carpenter death at 81 after complications with heart & other organ operations -Famous Family House on Newville Avenue sold within the year to new owners :)

December 1996 -Richard plus musicians perform in Solo Japanese TV
Special :o

February 1997-Richard performs 2 CPAC Solo Concerts with revamped stage show and large film screens featuring Karen & Carpenters classics :cool: plus Karen's Theme LIVE as one highlight :cool:

March 1997 -Richard Solo Tour of Japan -Sell Outs -plus return to Budokan Tokyo Venue :laugh:

March 1997 -Richard Solo Instrumental Album "PACC" released :D

Autumn 1997 -Richard guests on Paul Williams' updated version of I Won't Last A Day Without You " for latter's new Album :o

Spring 1998 -Richard cancels plans for USA / Worldwide Concert Tour :shock:

September 1998-Richard performs CPAC Concert plus attends Fans Reception :o

December 1998-Birth of 4th Daughter Taylor (5th child) :laugh:

1999- Richard works on planned new Carpenters Rarities Album :cool:

July 1999 -Surprise Guest at Fans Downey Convention with wife Mary :shock:

March 2000-Carpenter Exhibit at CPAC Opening Event -Richard plus Carpenters Associates and invited guests :cool:

August 2000 -Richard & Family leave Downey with Relocation to new community -Thousand Oaks -North Los Angeles :shock:

November 2000-Richard Composer / Producer for 2 new Christmas Songs on Japanese Matsuda Album :o

2001 -Richard Commences Writing / Arranging new songs for planned Solo Christmas Album :cool:

May 2001 -Richard Guests on Petula Clark "A Sign Of The Times " PBS Concert TV Special (later CD / DVD & Video) -Broadcast December 2001 onwards :D

January 2002 -Richard Guests with Petula Clark at CPAC Concert plus Fans Reception :cool:

April 2002 -Richard / Petula Recording "All Those Years Ago " issued on top 20 UK album -Ultimate Collection :tongue:

March 2003- Top Of The World Benefit at CPAC for 300 Fans & supporters of Carpenter Center :cool:

March 2004 -TOTW 2 Benefit at CPAC :laugh:

2004 -On-going Recording on Richard Solo Christmas Album -with several guest lead vocalists ....release due in 2005 /2006 :wink:

October 2004 -Richard plus Comedian Bob Newhart perform at Special 10th Anniversary CPAC Celebration Concert :cool:

October 15th 2004-Richard Celebrates 58th Birthday .....

....This is an overview of Richard's recent timeline ....many other events have taken place -too many to list ..... :tongue:

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