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Richard's Best

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by ars nova, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member Thread Starter

    which three songs do you feel best represent Richard?

    this masquerade
    another song
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  2. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    As singer or producer/arranger?
  3. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member Thread Starter

    your choice.
  4. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    Calling Occupants
    Close to You
  5. Calling Occupants, Yesterday Once More and Superstar... And of course, Close To You.

    I first thought this thread would be about Richard's best lead vocal... So here's mine: "You'll Never Know" recorded in 1980 when the duo were so excited about the music on "Music, Music, Music" that they recorded them (even the one's recorded by the guests) for a disc each for their personal collections, a lot of which was released on "As Time Goes By". This is one of the few sadly not yet released. With a bit of work, tidying it up a bit, this would sound beautiful:
  6. John Adam

    John Adam "We are observing your Forum".........Baby

    Best (3) songs represent Richard as an arranger and producer.
    When It's Gone
    Close To You
    Hurting Each Other
    Best (3) songs represent Richard as a songwriter/recording artist
    Only Yesterday
    Goodbye To Love
    Yesterday Once More
  7. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    An Old-Fashione Christmas
    Say Yeah!
  8. ars nova

    ars nova Active Member Thread Starter

    I think I understand some of Richard's actions; I don't think he has released on a carpenters' collection, his solo vocal unless karen is somehow involved in the recording. I respect his choice, however, TOYLAND is just perfect and should be released somewhere.

    now that I have made this statement, I realize karen was not a part of the recording of the song AN OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS or the overture that opened the album.

    so much for my thoughtfully constructed investigation into the mind of my genius fan-crush......baby
  9. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    We got some of his solo vocal on “Collected” and “Ultimate Collection”.

    But as far as the 1984 Overture goes, I always thought there might’ve been some Karen in the mix, but Richard mixed her in with the choir, so she doesn’t stand out.
  10. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    His best vocals (as of today) IMHO;
    Nowadays Clancy... I'm liking his vocal on this song the more I hear it. Awesome song from "Offering", great harmonies.
    Turn Away - Pretty much the same as above.
    The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Very respectable lead from him.

    Goodbye To Love - His title, his vision, his idea for that legendary guitar solo. A masterpiece.
    Superstar/Rainy Days & Mondays - Pop perfection. RC arrangements.
    Another Song - Brilliant underrated gem from "Close To You". Have to think it was Richard's idea.

    I Might Also Add:
    This Masquerade - His brilliance as a keyboardist is cemented with that piano solo.
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  11. ThaFunkyFakeTation

    ThaFunkyFakeTation Ah am so steel een luv weeth yoo

    As singer: Absolutely nothing. That's not his gift.

    As arranger: I agree with @Carpe diem that "This Masquerade" is just crazy good. I loved it when he left his choral thing behind and went jazzy. "Without A Song" is delicious a cappella goodness. "Ordinary Fool" might be Karen's defining moment but what really make it work is Richard's arrangement. He accentuates her tone and phrasing at every turn. Perfect collaboration of arranger and singer.

    As producer: "Calling Occupants". The herculean task he took on is only made more impressive by the fact that he actually pulled it off.

  12. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    ^^Ed, you always have strong comments which adds spice to this forum. Appreciated! Your new avatar is "interesting" to say the least...Getting ready for Thanksgiving?:laugh:
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  13. ThaFunkyFakeTation

    ThaFunkyFakeTation Ah am so steel een luv weeth yoo

    HA! Thanks! The avatar is courtesy of @Harry's collection of A&M sleeves. He posted it in the "45rpm sleeve" thread in the "Small Circle" forum and I loved it. It was the one I hadn't seen before.

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  14. Rumbahbah

    Rumbahbah Well-Known Member

    That's the sleeve my UK copy of the 'Sing' single came in... I don't really understand the logic of it ('music good enough to eat'?), but still better than a generic plain sleeve I guess!
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  15. ScottyB

    ScottyB Active Member

    Great song. This one needs a proper release.
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  16. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

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  17. JayJayVA

    JayJayVA Active Member

    I like Richard's "O Come O Come Emanuel" from the Christmas album. "Saturday" is one that gives me the giggles
  18. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    It's always difficult for me to watch any Karen wedding videos. Such a somber event, it seems all the joy has been sucked-out of that ballroom. However, Richard does a very good job with that song and I think it meant a lot to Karen, from her reaction. Thanks for the post.

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