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Richards release of remix compilations....

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Chris May

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I was just reading the thread on "Carpenters Perform Carpenter" and felt like I needed to add my 2-cents in regards to the release of compilations in general. First of all, my understanding is that Richard releases these things mainly by heavy request from his JAPANESE fans. He has stated this in interviews saying "all they want is another remix album..."

I think if you notice (with the exception of "As Time Goes By") the compilations that we have seen released here in the States are really somewhat different from eachother in the literal sense. You have one compilation that is just the Carpenter/Bettis stuff. Then you have another which is "Love Songs" which has another whole vibe, with a song list that varies a bit from "Carpenters Perform Carpenter", and so on.

I mean, let's face it guys....We are all Carpenter nuts, sure we want new stuff, but the only way we are going to get a taste of what little Richard realistically has left, is to hear it as a "bonus track" tagged onto the end of another compilation; Unless of course any of us have the kind of relationship with Richard Carpenter where we can call him up and ask him to give us a personal copy of something we have yet to hear. The red tape and rules in the recording business are huge. We are fortunate to have what we do as I am sure ALL or most of us will continue to look for occasional new releases. As long as he continues to get requests for remixes, he will continue to accommodate in compliance with the record label, etc. -Chris
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