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RIP John Pisano


On the TJB fan club website, there is a posting about original member John Pisano's passing yesterday. My husband & I met him & his wife Jeannie at the Loews Plaza Hotel lounge in Nashville in 2004. He was there for the NAMM show, premiering his Eastman JP model guitar. I had him sign my b brand new Les Paul Jr. guitar. It will be a signature that I will always cherish. Condolences to Jeannie & his family.
In Little Girl Blue Randy L. Schmidt wrote that Pisano is the one who actually handed the Carpenters demo tape to Herb Alpert. Jack Daugherty had given it to him.
I'll always remember John's nifty guitar work on "Zorba the Greek" my favorite song from the TJB repertoire. Thank goodness Herb included a segment of "Zorba" performed in concert from the "Herb Alpert Is" DVD. John's guitar on Zorba sparkled and always gave me goose bumps. RIP John, great memories are eternal.
Another Web site remembers the late, great John Pisano.

It's interesting how his Wikipedia entry shows him doing more albums with Sergio Mendes than with Herb Alpert! Maybe they are only going by the printed credits on the album covers, but I think he was on all of the TJB albums, wasn't he? (Maybe not the first couple, but definitely after Herb created the touring band.)
I would think he'd played on every TJB album starting with South of the Border, and possibly the first two.
I don’t hear his playing on anything before Going Places. Of course it’s possible, but I doubt he’s on the first four albums.
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