RIP Pete Turner

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    One of the world's great photographers, and one of the first to experiment with color in the dark room, has passed away. He brought life to Blue Note, A&M and CTI covers for decades. A good man.

    Obituary: Pete Turner, Master of Color Photography, 83 | PDN Online

    I had the honor of interviewing him on WSB radio in 1979 and again for A&M corner, where he told the story behind all the A&M CTI covers.

    Some years back, I sent him albums that were missing from his collection (thanks to eBay) as he prepared his book of jazz record covers he shot over the years. In return, he sent me a signed print of "Road Song" to go along with my signed "Wave," "Summertime" and "Samba Blim" prints, and put me on his Christmas card list, which always included a Turner photograph.
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  2. Rudy

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    I was just wondering about him a week or two ago. Sad to hear this.

    He was a pioneer in color photography and usage of light--there are photos of his that even today, I have never seen imitated by other photographers. He has even had a small influence on my own photography. I prefer to shoot mostly nature, landscape and architecture, but it isn't out of the agenda to slip in a somewhat abstract photo or two that plays on the colors and lighting.
  3. Michael Hagerty

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    The guy had one of the most amazing senses of color and composition I've ever seen. Rest in peace, Pete.
  4. LPJim

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    The quality of his work was such that a shopper with little knowledge about an album could take a chance on a purchase with confidence the music had as much thought behind it as the cover art. R.I.P.

  5. Harry

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    RIP Pete Turner.

    In honor of his brilliant "Giraffe" photo, I've appropriated the colors for my Avatar.
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  6. Bobberman

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    Truly a One of a kind photographer His work will Live Forever in the many Albums that bear his unmistakable photos Rest in Peace Mr Turner.
  7. Rudy

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    I am "borrowing" a few of his images as Gravatars. This one today is "Bubble and Stripe."

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  8. Michael Hagerty

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  9. Rudy

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    Double whammy? :D

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  10. Moritat

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    A great loss for both the photography and music worlds. He shot with Nikon cameras & lenses. I thought Nikon should have used him more as a spokesman for the brand. His photos for the A&M jazz line certainly helped sales. My favorite A&M Turner photo was "Road Song".
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  11. Michael Hagerty

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    Mortitat: Mine, too. In fact, it was the photo that convinced 12-year-old me to take a chance and buy the album. My first jazz LP purchase, but by no means the last.
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