AOTW Royal Court of China: GEARED AND PRIMED (A&M SP 5234)

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    A1 Geared And Primed 2:50
    A2 Half The Truth 4:01
    A3 It Came Crashing Down The Staircase 3:49
    A4 Six Empty Bottles 4:35
    A5 Mr. Indecision 2:56
    B1 Tijuana Go! 3:03
    B2 Dragon Park 3:22
    B3 So, Yer Love Is True 4:31
    B4 This Time Around 4:37
    B5 Take Me Down 3:01

    Joe Blanton - rhythm guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar
    Chris Mekow - drums
    Drew Cornutt - bass
    Jeff Mays - lead guitar

    Released 1989
    Issued as CD 5234 and in Japan as D25Y3305



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