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Sacre Bleu (I Fell in Love With You)


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This has been asked before, but the thread is locked. Does anyone know where Sacre Bleu (I Fell in Love With You) came from? They call it an "oldie" in their 1971 BBC concert, but I can't find anyone else who recorded it. Was it a Carpenter/Bettis song or something?


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Well, I tried to find an answer by searching for "sacre bleu" combined with "i fell in love with you" on an online newspapers archive.
However, the only matches from 2021 all the way back to the earliest newspapers in the database (like, 17th century) were these 2:

The Minneapolis Star, August 30, 1971 (Carpenters concert review)

Southern Illinoisan, August 31, 1971 (Carpenters concert review, with photos)

So, I'm guessing that it must have been a very obscure song from olden days. Then again, Doug introduces the song as "an oldie, made famous in 1492 by Christopher Columbus", so it may very well have just originated within the Carpenters clan, maybe even written by Doug himself?? :cool:

I remember hearing Doug singing a jazzy song solo live in Japan 1976, entitled "I'll Make It" (??), written for him by Richard and John (Bettis), at 26:40 into the video:
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