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🎵 AotW Sandpipers: Foursider (A&M Records SP-3525)

1714048332134.pngThe Sandpipers: Foursider

A&M Records SP-3525
Released 1973

A1: A Gift Of Song 3:10
A2: And I Love Her 2:19
A3: The Windmills Of Your Mind 2:50
A4: Free To Carry On 2:45
A5: Chotto Matte Kudasai (Never Say Goodbye) 3:19
B1: An Old Fashioned Love Song 2:49
B2: Misty Roses 3:27
B3: The Long And Winding Road 3:48
B4: A Song Of Joy (Himno A La Alegria) 4:22
C1: Guantanamera 3:10
C2: Louie, Louie 2:45
C3: Kum-Ba-Ya 2:41
C4: Cuando Sali' De Cuba 2:39
C5: La Mer (Beyond The Sea) 2:43
D1: Come Saturday Morning 3:00
D2: Inch Worm 2:35
D3: Yesterday 2:21
D4: Cast Your Fate To The Wind 1:47
D5: Softly As I Leave You 3:00
D6: Never Can Say Goodbye 2:48

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This Album was available until the mid 80s with the subsequent reissue number of A&M SP 6015 ( on the jacket) with the number 6014 on the labels quite an interesting situation and this along with the BMB foursider were not issued on CD however one can create their own digital Foursider version by sourcing either the various CD reissues or Digital download versions the Sandpipers albums.
I decided to bite the bullet and purchase physical CDs of the missing Sandpipers albums that weren't released on CD domestically they are" Softly." " "The Spanish album" " Come Saturday Morning" and "A Gift of Song" I have Overdue Digitally and the two Collectors choice CDs with "Guantanamera" The Sandpipers self titled second album. And" Misty Roses"and "Wonder of you" albums respectively I waited a little long but I was finally able to afford to finish the physical library it's one of those rare but Golden occasions For me
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