Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 Line-Up Changes

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Yeah, that soda stuff is well familiar to me. I used to collect Pepsi stuff for a few years as a youngster.

I was referring to the photo. That's a 12 oz Coke can, harlequin design. The Coors can to the left as we view it, is taller, therefore larger than 12 oz. The one to the right is smaller than the Coke can, therefore less than 12 oz.
I probably didn't make my original comment clear enough. What I was trying to say, in response to lj's "only 11 ounces" comment, was that, at the time, 12-ounce cans were not the bare minimum, but an option---that a lot of people still bought Coke in 6.5-ounce glass bottles (or Pepsi in 8 ouncers). And that bigger than 12----16(!)---was the "Big Gulp" of its day.


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I think container size was up to the regional bottlers. For us, 10oz glass Pepsi bottles were common in the 70s, and were joined by and then got phased out in the 80s for 16 oz., then 16.9 oz (half liter). We last had 10 oz. bottles until about 1984 or 1985--a local Clark station used to stock cases of them when all the other retailers had 16 oz. The 10 oz. bottles were really old, too (returnables, which were refilled at the time).
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