Sergio Mendes - In The Key Of Joy - Songwriter Magazine Article

Mike Blakesley

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I decided to pre-order the "signed, deluxe" CD edition because there's about a zero chance I'll ever get a chance to get a Sergio autograph in person, and there are a lot of songs on the "soundtrack" disk that I'm surprised to see there, so I think some of them will be new versions.

Steve Sidoruk

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Just notified my deluxe set shipped from CD Japan!!! It'll be an early Christmas present, from me to me! :wink:


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Mine is on the way too (bought it on Ebay last week). It's supposed to arrive "December 12 - December 30" but I'm hoping it arrives much sooner. Harry & Steve: PLEASE POST A REVIEW! I will do the same.


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So I'm sitting here at home yesterday afternoon, at the computer with headphones on listening to something or other. Molly, our dog, starts barking - which she does if someone outside breathes too loudly - so I ignored her. Suddenly my wife is tapping me on the shoulder and telling me that a package needed my signature, but the postal worker was already gone.

Once I heard that, I knew that it was my Sergio Mendes CD from Japan that had arrived, but I missed him. So I had to wait until today to trudge down to the post office to pick it up. With my schedule this week, I won't have time for a thorough review. With a quick sampling, this is largely the modern incarnation of Sergio, but I'm finding the rhythms infectious.


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Just glancing at Roon Player, the 2nd disc (from the documentary soundtrack) is pretty much a compilation of existing tracks.


"Unavailable" since the album will not be available in the US until February. (It's part of the Qobuz licensing--they have to respect the label's wishes for the countries they stream in.)
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