Sharon Corr (from The Corrs) to release a new album next fall


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Hi everyone!

Not sure if there are too many of you guys interested in Sharon's solo career - I think it's well worth a listen, some interesting stuff there - but she's just announced a "new" record that will hopefully be out next September. She was interviewed in a show called "Lunch with Lloyd" and revealed that the intention is to launch next album's campaign around April/May. It was recorded actually in Los Angeles around September 2019 by Larry Klein, right before the whole pandemic thing. If you want to listen to the whole interview, I'll leave you with the link here:

Legends of Music: Sharon Corr - Lunch with Lloyd

So far she's put out two albums ("Dream of You" in 2010, and "The Same Sun" in 2013). The former one is much more similar to what you would recognize as the typical Corrs' sound, while "The Same Sun" dives into more introspective lyrics and pushes aside the violin in favour of a more personal voice - the violin is only present in one of the songs actually. I have to admit that although I've enjoyed her output very far, sometimes she can be a bit heavy to digest as I'm not that much into romanticism and mellow tunes; in that sense I like Andrea better, she's much more "expressive" and experimental. Anyway, give them a listen because I'm sure you'll find something interesting.
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