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Shirley Manson and Garbage are Carpenters fans

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Thanks for the post, it was nice reading material. The Carpenters were great musicians and they displayed it in their live performances.

I was just thinking to myself last night while listen to From This Moment On, that when I first heard it on Dorothy Hamil's special, that while the Carpenters perfomed this song, it showed their musical spectrum and it began my musical interest of different styles and venues. I thought it was brave for the Carpenters to display musicianship above a greatest hits moment during this special with From This Moment On and Make Me Laugh.



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Tony said:
Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I found this article a few days ago and thought it was interesting. Who'd have thought that Shirley Manson and her bandmates are fans of KC & RC?
Good article. I didn't hear much of a Carpenters influence in their first album, but I'll be honest and say that it was one of the few albums with an "alternative" style that was as loaded with pop "hooks" as something Carpenters could have done. I'll admit, too, that I had a similar reaction to hearing "Vow" for the radio on the first time--I knew it was an Almo Sounds release, and I sat there just soaking it up...quite an unusual sound, but it didn't take long for it to grow on me, and I bought the single *and* the album CDs as they came out.

I should spin this one tonight....it's been awhile.
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