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Sol Lake

Mr Bill

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Didn’t know he toured during this period. Who was in the band?
I was home on leave at the time and was able to attend with my then-girlfriend (who also received a flower). It was pretty much key players on the album. I was most excited to see Juilus Wechter on the marimba. Memory escapes my being certain, but I think Abe Laboriel was on bass, Carlos Vega on drums. I think Paulinho da Costa was there on percussion. I can't recall if guitar was John Pisano or Jimmy Imperial or maybe Tim May. I know Imperial was on the Bullish tour I saw two years later. I know there was at least one other trumpet player, too. Somewhere in my files I have the concert handout for this tour and the Bullish tour... they're just trapped in the many boxes I haven't opened since our move to Texas...

--Mr Bill

Mike Blakesley

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Sol and Julius too. Maybe Lake didn't really care for the spotlight and took his TJB royalties and went home.

I remember when we made contact with Julius (through his wife) and he was just amazed that ANYbody still remembered him or cared about his music all these years later. The internet has a great memory -- if not for it, a lot of great old names would really be lost to history. People who didn't make the spotlight and become super-famous.

I was thinking about Jack Benny and his radio gang in that respect a while ago.... hardly anyone has heard of Jack these days, let alone the other members of his stellar cast.

Back on topic, I remember an article in Billboard when Herb was still angling for releasing the TJB catalog on CD..... I think they may have been getting ready to release Definitive Hits at the time. He said "There are a bunch of Sol Lake tunes we may be putting out." I've always wondered what those could be, where they are, or did they really not exist and he was thinking of something else? I've searched thru the Billboard archive for that quote and haven't been able to find it (yet). If there were such tunes, maybe they got lost in the Universal fire.
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Wow that is intriguing Mike--to think there are a bunch of Sol Lake tunes out there. But time flies and for whatever reason they are probably lost to history.
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