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Song Folios


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Did anyone by them besides me? And was there already a thread on this? Is so,...I couldn't find it.

I have the following song folios:
Ticket To Ride
Close To You
A Song For You
Now & Then (Did not include Jambalya due to copywrite restrictions.)
The Singles 1969_1973
A Kind Of Hush
Christmas Portrait (Didn't include White Christmas as I recall)
Voice of the Heart

The other albums did not have a folio published, as far as I know. (If you tell me there were folios published, I'll be powerfully disappointed. I really wanted Passage. But would have bought them all.)

I also have one or two anthologies of the early albums. I took a quick look but couldn't locate them while writing this.
Then there was a 2 volume set titled Carpenters Complete. (It wasn't) I bought 2 copies of it because you often ended up breaking the spine on books like this when you tried to play them.

Then there is the more recent Carpenters Anthology. It is a book of 40 songs. This is my favorite I think, because the arrangements seem truer to the songs as recorded. There's A Kind of Hush has the intro and lead out that I guess Richard wrote as it wasn't on the original sheet music. This one is stall available.

I also have one that said it was transcribed from the records The arrangements are suppose to be what was recorded. But the melody is not included in the piano part. Would be good if you sang along or worked with a vocalist. Or it you had an extra hand so you could play the third part. I unfortunately did not.

Most books have one style or the other. But some books mix them. A few of the Carpenters songs did not have the melody in the piano arrangement. "I Need to be in Love" was that way.

That reminds me I also have the sheet music for many of the singles. Mostly the hits, as I don't think they published the individual songs otherwise.
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