Songs in television and radio commercials from the past


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I thought this might be a fun topic. We've all heard well-known tunes in some commercials, but it might be fun to find the lesser-known tunes used in advertising or vice versa, well-known tunes that might have been used in advertising something that were not very well known.


Back when I bought my 2007 Nissan Maxima, there was a commercial that Nissan ran that used the DNA with Suzanne Vega mix of the song as its backing.

One that came to mind was from the early 2000s for the Acura CL, using "Bossa Per Due" by Nicola Conte:

There's also a GEICO "sunglasses" video from a while back that used "CB Song" by The Legendary Shack Shakers as the musical bed. But I can't find a sample of it on YouTube.


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Back about 1969-70, there was a tv commercial for a new housing development called Snug Harbor. Their ad opened with the opening chords of Sergio Mendes and Brasil' 66 Pra Dizer Adeus, then switched to the opening chords of Batucada and the ad closed with the closing chords of Adeus.

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Mark Lindsay "Silverbird" (1970) used in a Yamaha commercial in the late 70's " is the day!!"

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Kawasaki "Let The Good Times Roll" (1973) done by the Ron Hicklin Singers (back up for The Partridge Family on some of their songs)
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