Songs that Sergio should have arranged and Lani should have sung

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"Out of my Book" by Peter Hammill (Van Der Graff Generator) ? That was recorded on that band's 2nd album in late 1969.
Also, in late 1969, another British band (Jethro Tull) recorded Ian Anderson's "For Michael Collins, Jeffrey and Me."
The verses could have a slow Brasilian beat (which is already kinda implied, if you ask me, based on the acoustic guitar figure) -- and the chorus/refrain could have a double-time (double-tempo) Brazilian-type beat, as well.
It could have a similar style/"feel" to "Sometimes in Winter" (on Stillness).

Also, from Tull's 3rd LP -- Benefit -- is another song "Inside" which is a possibility for a treatment -- or, at least, for an early 1970s Lani solo recording, maybe? (I had previously mentioned "Alive and Well and Living In" -- which was originally on the U.K. but not U.S. version of that album. That song finally saw American release on the Living in the Past compilation in 1972.)
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