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Anybody have any experience with it? I have the basic version(the free one), and it seems to work just fine on my computer and TV, but the app is causing me fits. Seems like all it will do is play my liked songs in shuffle mode, and I don't care for that. It'll play songs I select from my liked songs list for about 10 seconds and then go back to whatever song it was originally playing. I can't seem to shut off the shuffle mode. Also, it'll only let me skip 6 songs per hour, which is an insult. Is this normal? 10 bucks a month is kinda steep for me and my disability income, but would that turn off the shuffle play mode and let me listen to what I want when I want, or not? Also, if I do spring for the premium package, will I be able to make CDs from my liked songs, or will I still have to buy mp3s from Amazon? Spotify offers a lot of music that Amazon doesn't, and I'd like to keep using it in my car, but the shuffle mode is making that a miserable experience.

Somebody please help!


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I only had a 30 day trial a few years ago, so I have no idea how it works. But I'm certain any premium level should let you choose the music you want to listen to, and add it to your own playlists.

I think the concept of a limited number of skips per hour might be due to Spotify treating a free subscription like an online radio service. Pandora had a similar limitation as well, and I think it was due to broadcast rules, and not Pandora, that required limiting the number of skips. (Naturally on a radio, you can't skip tracks, and the stations also want you to listen to the advertising.)

I don't think they have a purchase option for music. Streaming only. Just poking around online, it seems they used to offer an online store several years ago but discontinued it to offer only streaming.
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