Spotlight on Analogue Productions/Acoustic Sounds

Rather than hijack our Mobile Fidelity discussion, I wanted to leave this video here. I know most of our site's visitors are not into the audiophile releases, but the facilities that Chad Kassem has built over decades past is impressive. Starting with selling out of his apartment, Chad's label Analogue Productions now has its own recording studio (in an old church), a mastering studio (formerly the famous studio The Mastering Lab), and complete record production from cutting to pressing (at his Quality Record Pressing facility).

Acoustic Sounds is the resale part of the company, not only stocking and selling all Analogue Productions titles, they also sell new releases from other labels, and have been buying up completely high-quality collections from record collectors around the country. They also have a limited selection of audio and record care equipment.

My copy of the Classic Records 45 RPM Casino Royale soundtrack came from Acoustic Sounds.

Here is a video they produced back in July which highlights their facility and many of their employees.

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