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With Google and others (like the EFF) pushing for it, many sites have taken the step to move to SSL-encrypted pages. This means that any communication between the server and your computer, as well as in the opposite direction, is encrypted so that any information is not sent "in the clear" across the Internet. This includes login information for the forum. While sites such as online stores, banks, online email, etc. have had it for many years now, the big push is for all sites to be encrypted, even if they do not offer a login.

We have successfully configured our forum to run securely. Browsers should now show a "lock" icon when you visit the forum, along with "https" as the protocol:

MS Edge:


While our site SSL certificates are valid in all modern browsers, there may be a slim chance that a really old, outdated browser might show an error. Also, the site uses modern encryption, and some really old browsers might complain about that also. Upgrading to a current browser is the best advice we can offer to keep your browser, your computer and your data safe.


Most major sites today run securely (with "https"), but there are still sites out there that don't. One issue you may run into in the forum: if someone links to an image outside our forum on a site that is hosted unsecured ("http" in the URL, for example, [img][/img] posted in the editor), your browser will give a notice or warning that there is mixed content. Or you may see "https" in your address bar without the secure "lock" icon.




To clarify, here is what happens. Our site loads securely in your browser, but the image loaded insecurely in your browser from another server. The data between you and our server is still secure. It's only that the browser believes there is a possibility (and a slim one at that) where the content from another site (image, linked video, etc.) might be altered along the way. In short, nothing to be overly concerned about. (This isn't a bank, or a shopping site!)
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