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SuperStar/Rainy Days/Goodbye to love medley on Singles CD

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Does anyone know why the SuperStar/Rainy Days/Goodbye to love medley on the Singles 1969-1973 CD is sped up? If you listen to the tracks, they are the original recordings, but they are slightly faster (you can also hear this from Karen's voice sounding different). Did Rich speed them up to save space on the LP and give them the same speed for consistency? I've always wondered about this.


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I think he did speed them up to make them all fit on the record. There's a lot of music on that album, and I think he really pushed the limit on how much a vinyl record could hold.

Why he didn't fix it when it was transferred to CD, I don't know.


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I think I remember reading that those songs were re-recorded for the Singles LP for Dolby reasons. I could be wrong. But, even so, the speed issue could be in addition to the re-recording efforts. It has been over 25 years since I read that, so do not count on my recollection. I believe it was an article from an interview with the Carpenters during the Horizon release.



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I always thought it had to do with fitting the songs together musically, so they'd be in the proper key. "Superstar" sounds like it was sped up the most.

The speed-up factor survives to this day on the most recent release of that SINGLES 1969-1973 (now out-of-print).

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