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Please could somebody tell me when the Carpenters did Talk Of The Town.
Because i have just got it on reel to reel which i thought was abit rare(home recording), and i have only heard them do live in Japan and Live at the Palladium.
It has pete henderson doing the oldies medley

Many Thanks



UK TV Special recorded at London's "Talk Of The Town " (now London Hippodrome ).

Recorded by BBC on the record breaking 1974 UK Tour from Carpenters and a big ratings success as shown , this helped "Singles 1969-1973" to topping the charts for months ! :D

This is a great TV Special with Karen on drums , Richard on various keyboards and the Group with fine vocals and energy..... :)

Pete Henderson ( USA Comedian) opened with his partner Carpenters Concerts and assisted on the Oldies Medley with some lead vocals !! Give me RC or the Group anytime...... :oops:

This should be released by BBC Enterprises as Video / DVD release 2003 / 2004 ....along with other BBC Specials and Docs..... :D

I was fortunate to view this Special along with part of 1971 BBC Special and recent BBC Doc on a FULL SCREEN at London's NFT Film Theatre in Summer 1997 with many other Carpenters Fans ....Wonderful to see and be there :D

.....reminds me must write to NFT and BBC to see if 2003 Anniversary screenings of the Specials plus extra footage could be set up ....that would be exellent ....... :D :D

Peter ....BBC Releases Campaign gains steam......
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