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Talking "Carpenters Legacy" in Australia

Mike Cidoni Lennox

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As Chris was holding down the fort in Los Angeles this week, I was back in New York dealing with family matters: the first time we were forced to work separately on "Legacy" since ... well .. we'd only just begun in autumn 2017.

Clearly, we're better together. Only one of us could be booked for Australia's top-rated morning show, "Today," and I drew the short straw.

Here's a link to the interview. And -- yes -- I know I close my eyes when I'm grasping for just the right words to quickly answer a complicated question.

Enjoy. Discuss. And toss a strip on the barbie!

The link is below. And, yep, it's going to take some time ... to download!

Hightail Spaces



Another Son

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It looked pretty good to me, Mike!

It's a refreshing perspective to swing the story around from 'The most tragic story in popular music' to a story of triumph.

Japan is a main market that jumps out at me, but I guess you couldn't list all the places in the world where Carpenters are popular. :)

I was thinking that the book would only be available on overseas websites. It sounds as if it's going to be readily available in Australia - or already is. Although my copy has already shipped from Amazon in the U.S., I might have to sneak into a local book store and see whether it's there.... and grab a copy, just to save an extra week or two!

I thought that whole presentation looked and sounded good. I don't know this show - being called "Today", I guess it's screened in the day time, while I'm working.

Good job, Mike. Thanks for posting this!

Oh, just one thing..... G'day comes at the beginning, when you first see someone, not at the end, when you're leaving. :) :)
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