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The 5th Dimension

AM Matt

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When The 5th Dimension announced the trio America (who won over The Eagles, the late Harry Chapin, the late John Prine and Loggins & Messina for "Best New Artist" at the Grammy Awards in March 1973), the late Dusty Springfield accepted the award. I guess that Dusty never heard of America because she said "America is a free country & will accept this award thank you". Have seen that on YouTube but is is gone from the website.


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It's not. "Ashes To Ashes" is a Lambert-Potter song that the 5th Dimension did on their LIVING TOGETHER, GROWING TOGETHER album.
Ashes to Ashes is one of my favorite Late period Fifth Dimension songs the Lyrics kind of tell how I feel about my life in the last 20 years and the many many changes our world has encountered the song has More Significant meaning for me Today than ever but yet Time moves on and So Do I

John Tkacik

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If Richard and Karen had been able to put aside their "Goody 4 Shoes" promotional image, I would have loved to see them cover the 5th Dimension's IF I COULD REACH YOU.
For you 5th fans, there is a collections of all the singles, A sides and B sides available. It is a three disc set and it wonderful. It has their very first single, from before they met up with Johnny Rivers and Jim Webb.
My all time favorite music groups are The 5th Dimension and Sergio Mendes and Brasil'66.
If you're a 5th Dimension fan, I heartily recommend a 2-cd hits set called either UP, UP, AND AWAY: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION, or it's later incarnation called ESSENTIAL. They're only different by one track. Both sound stellar.

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If you want a great album by them, find THE MAGIC GARDEN. It's a themed album mostly written by Jimmy Webb, and it's one of those albums that is best listened to all in one sitting.

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This is my favorite 5Th Dimension album. I listen to it more than any other and I have all of them by the original 5Th, either on cd or vinyl.
'The Magic Garden' sounds interesting, Harry. I'll have to try and find it. Jimmy Webb is a definite selling point. One of my favourites by him is 'Song for my Brother', as recorded by BJ Thomas.
Jim Webb is a great songwriter. It is ironic that only one of his songs ever hit Number 1 on the charts-MacArthur Park by Donna Summer-but in the latter half of the sixties and early seventies his song were on the radio a lot. It was all thanks to The 5TH's version of Up Up and Away that made him a hot commodity in the songwriting market.
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