The Best and Worst "Best Of" And "Greatest Hits" Compilation albums of All time.

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  1. You can check in any time you want, but you can never leave!
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  2. Rudy

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    Black Flag!

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    I applied that quote to the DMV the other day. Bunches of people were going in but none came out! :D
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  4. Mike Blakesley

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    It was included on that 4-disk box set I mentioned but has never been compilation-ized otherwise, to my knowledge. Agreed, it's a fantastic song. Stevie Nicks has mentioned that they're going to go back into their older catalog to play some deep cuts on their upcoming tour, and I'd think that song would definitely rate consideration. Won't be the same without Bob Welch singing, of course, but Neil Finn should be able to do a credible job on it.
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    I fondly remember this ad As a kid I really got a kick out of ads like this
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  6. The own B.M.B.'s 1970 "Greatest Hits" could've done away with Somewhere My Love and Acapulco 1922 --- *and*, instead, have included: Portuguese Washerwoman as well as Les Bicyclettes de Bel Size...or, something like Big Red.
  7. Moritat

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    99% of all "best of" and "greatest hits" lps and cds stink. The only ones I really like are the ones I put together myself. Everyone has different favorites from any artist. I'd rather have my favorites on a cd than the favorites from some guy at the record company. (I will admit that the Eagles Greatest Hits was really well selected. Only 1 on that compilation that I disapprove of).

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