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The Best Of The Carpenters (1980)

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The Best Of The Carpenters

A&M Records
Readers Digest
4PL boxed set

Record One

Side A
-Yesterday Once More
-Goodbye To Love
-Please Mr. Postman
-There's A Kind Of Hush
-We've Only Just Begun

Side B
-Only Yesterday
-(They Long To Be) Close To You
-Top Of The World
-For All We Know
-Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
-Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

Record 2

Side A
-I Need To Be In Love
-Reason To Believe
-Let Me Be The One
-I Kept On Loving You
-I Have You
-I Won't Last A Day Without You

Side B
-Love Is Surrender
-Love Me For What I Am
-One Love
-One Fine Day
-I Can Dream Can't I?
-I Just Fall In Love Again
-Sweet, Sweet Smile

Record 3

Side A
-Ticket To Ride
-Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
-All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
-Rainy Days And Mondays
-Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Side B
-Boat To Sail
- (A Place To) Hideaway
- (I'm Caught Between) Goodbye And I Love You
-Hurting Each Other
-Can't Smile Without You

Record 4

Side A
-A Song For You
-Druscilla Penny
-Flat Baroque
-Mr. Guder
-Maybe It's You

Side B
-Bacharach/David Medley
-It's Going To Take Some Time
-Bless The Beast And Children
-Piano Picker
-Baby It's You
-Crystal Lullaby

All Tracks are original album mixes, except *

*Close To You (is the album version but fades just before 2nd round of "Waa's")
*Top Of The World (1973 single version)
*I Need To Be In Love (Single Version)
*I Kept On Loving You (Clean Open)
*One Fine Day (Separated, opening piano sounds to me slightly louder/more prominent)
*Ticket To Ride (1973 version)
*Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Separate, no On The Balcony of The...)
*Solitaire (single mix, Possibly not 100% sure)

Overall this is probably the best Carpenters LP box set. 60 Carpenters songs; It has almost every hit and a lot of album tracks. It has a variety of mixes (considering this is from 1980)

All records are stored in padded sleeves and each have their own cover. On each cover is a photo cover with "The Best Of The Carpenters 1" or "2" ect. On the back of these covers is the track list for that record, the A&M and Readers Digest logos, and a biography is spread out over the 4LPs back covers at the top. The biography is Readers Digest by Stephen Barnard with approximately 2240 words.

The 4LPs are housed in a thick, glossy, Red box with a photo of the duo and the Carpenters logo in a reflective gold print. The back of this box contains the 4 sets of track lists.

I would definitely recommend this set, it has it all.... Plenty of songs and the packaging is one of the best I've seen even including Carpenters CDs.

Misael Castillo Lopez

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The covers are really beautiful, especially Karen singing and with the light show from behind ...:)
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