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The Carpenters appearing on GET TV this month

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Remember back in the days when TV networks were filled with music and merriment this time of the year. I stepped back in time and caught the The Perry Como Christmas Show from 1974.

In this Christmas special, Perry Como celebrates the holidays with musical guests The Carpenters, Olympics skating star Peggy Fleming, and comedian Rich Little. Originally aired December 17, 1974. Perry Como, Karen Carpenter, Richard Carpenter, Rich Little, Peggy Fleming. The Carpenters perform their new release Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and Karen performs a medley with Perry Como. It's really worth the hour. It is being rerun throughout the month. Here is the schedule:


Other Christmas specials this month include: Sonny & Cher; Andy Williams; The King Family and father Christmas himself...Bing Crosby.


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Here is the promo for the Get TV holiday specials. Our favorite duo appears at about 0:15 seconds. The show will be broadcast again on December 23rd at 8:00 ET. I'm hoping to watch it.


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I watched tonight at 8. It's one thing to hear Karen and Rich on the records, but it's another world to see them on television. Karen had me flat-out mesmerized when she started singing "Santa Claus is Comin' To Town" -- almost forgot I had the cookie press in my hands! The rest of the special was lovely, too. I enjoyed Peggy Fleming's ice skating routines.


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Interesting that GET-TV is able to secure clearance for the above Specials,
and yet,
the Carpenters' 1977 and 1978 Specials remain unavailable to television audiences.
Given popularity of Carpenters' Christmas music in this country, the lack of more
Carpenters on the retro-stations is perplexing.
Understandably, no DVD releases, but no airings on Television ?
Let's loosen the reigns/and reins a bit--whomever.....
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