The "For Animals Only: Off-Topic Forum" is not publicly-visible

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    The "
    For Animals Only: Off-Topic Forum
    Is not visible publicly. It seems that Google indexes the threads (content) in the other forums on this website, but not that one.

    Interestingly enough, this (Business Help Desk) forum is publicly-visible without having to log in with an account on this website.
  2. Rhymes with Music

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    Also -- a question about sub/child -forums.

    I assume that only Rudy can create those.

    Also, I see only one of them -- is that correct?:

    A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum
    1. Carpenters :: Insider
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    The threads that I posted in the off-topic forum ("For Animals") are all about A&M artists -- mostly Herb + Lani.
    They are, of course, humourous, fictional (a historically-revisionist fantasy, set in the 1970s, mostly).
    But they are more closely-related to the topics on the other music forums on this website
    than things that really are completely off-topic, like "
    Cars" and "Food" (except, maybe, Mexican Sauerkraut? -- Am I allowed to insert humour here?)
    It's a shame that these posts/threads are lumped into a forum with content that really is entirely off-topic.

    ---> Could another new forum, or sub-forum be created to house these,
    or, at least make them publicly-view-able so that a log-in to this website isn't necessary to even know that they exist?

    That would make a wonderful holiday "gift", in a way. I'd be highly-grateful for something like.

    Also, since there is no public access to any content that is on the "
    Animals" forum, none of that content is reached by search engine indexers, either.

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