The Green Leaves Of Summer from VOLUME 2


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While having lunch today, the music system played this tune by some orchestra - no vocals. It was in waltz time, which kind of threw me. I asked my wife if she recognized it, and she came up with the phrase "green leaves of summer", and I knew instantly that that was the title of the song. I was thinking that it sounded like something from a movie like DR. ZHIVAGO, and it turns out that it was from a movie - THE ALAMO. The waltz time gave it a different characteristic.

So, looking it up, I found that the original movie version was a waltz, but that both Herb and the Brothers Four chose to use 4/4 time. The song has stuck with me all afternoon and into this evening. I usually overlook it on VOLUME 2 as just a slow song, but it really is very pretty, and obviously has lodged itself in my head.


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Volume 2 is more Mexican sounding than even The Lonely Bull, and it is a great album..always been one of my favorites. Later albums started being more of a hodge podge of songs..but this one has a uniform sound which makes it a great listening experience.
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