🎶 Pick a Dozen The Jobim CTi Trilogy (Wave, Tide, Stone Flower)

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As with my previous Horace Silver feature, this latest Pick a Dozen list contains twelve of my favorite Jobim tracks from the CTi recordings. As many know, Wave was the first album recorded and released on A&M/CTi, and the following studio sessions produced both the Tide album for A&M/CTi and Stone Flower for the Columbia-distributed CTi.

Choosing favorites once again is difficult, as I had to leave favorites from both Wave and Stone Flower off of this playlist. "Tema Jazz" is about the only track from Tide that I can bear listening to, so naturally it was included in this playlist. (I've long felt that Tide was comprised of leftovers as a contract fulfillment for A&M, while CTi got the far superior Stone Flower, arguably the best of the three albums included here.)

  1. Wave
  2. The Red Blouse
  3. Choro
  4. Mojave
  5. Tereza My Love
  6. Stone Flower
  7. Lamento
  8. Children's Games
  9. Antigua
  10. Andorinha
  11. Tema Jazz
  12. Brazil
Have a listen:

Do you have a favorite dozen? Feel free to list yours below!


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Rudy, yours is hard to beat.

Looking the titles over, here is my list (I'm in the minority in that I actually prefer Tide to Stone Flower; but will admit the latter has stronger songs):
  1. Wave
  2. The Red Blouse
  3. Look To The Sky
  4. Triste
  5. Mojave
  6. Tema Jazz
  7. Sue Ann
  8. Remember
  9. Caribe
  10. Brazil
  11. Choro


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1. Brazil
2. Children's Games (Double Rainbow)
3. Tide
4. Batidinha
5. Tema Jazz
6. Antigua
7. Stone Flower
8. Caribe
9. Sabia
10. Lamento
11. Triste
12. Wave

Started off in "Brazil", and ended with some crying sadness at waving goodbye!
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