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The Karen Carpenter Story...movie

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Hi All,
I have always loved the tv movie of The Karen Carpenter Story. I remember watching it as a 16 year old, on January 1, 1989, and was delighted it hit the top, or near the top of the Neilson Ratings.
I thought the acting of Cynthia Gibb and Mitchell Anderson was very good, and good as can be expected with Richard Carpenter as executive producer, and with the Carpenters parents involvement.
I had heard that Cynthia Gibb had to lose weight in her portrayal as Karen. Is this true? Because around that time, I had written to EV Wallace, the Carpenters secretary, and she said, "No! Cynthia is a tiny person."
I had written 2 emails to Mitchell Anderson, asking about his involvement with the movie with some questions and he answered back...

"Thanks for the note. "The Karen Carpenter Story" was an important movie for me. It sort of put me on the map...I loved making "The Karen Carpenter Story" and am thrilled that people still talk about the movie. I get people all the time who tell me they loved the Carpenters and they loved the movie, and I never get tired of hearing it. It was one of those parts that I knew I would get. A little like walking int a room and saying there is no one else you could possible hire for this role. It only happens once in a while so when it des it is great. Working with Cindy(Cynthia) was a dream. She and I have remained good friends after all these years. I still sort of think of her as my sister. I don't know if Karen is a gay icon, I do know that a lot gay people can relate to her sense of isolation and the emotion with which she sang. She was one of a kind! Thanks for your interest in the movie.

Mitchell Anderson

Any other people's thoughts on this movie...I wish they would make a new movie of it, except a 2 parter, with some actual live music thrown into it. They could do well. I mean the tv movie was a huge success...The second most watched movie of the year!!!

My thoughts,
Cameron Longo
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The Karen Carpenter Story received a hugh promo 2 weeks before it was aired in Bangkok. I enjoyed the part where Cynthia was in a studio singing a song (I'm not sure what) in a high-pitched voice, which sounded rather silly. Mitchell made a few adjustments and then "all of my life" came on, boom!! it was magical...Mitchell looked mesmerzied by the voice he heard. I remembered smiling big time there. I was just 20 years old then.
Nobody probably knows this,but A&M was considering a soundtrack for "The Karen Carpenter Story".I remember talking with one of the executives at A&M in early 1989, and they were tossing the idea around-but it came to an impasse because of the impending release of Lovelines(which was actually planned for fall 1988 release).
Hello everyone :)

Recently on the True Stories Channel they have been playing "The Karen Carpenter Story". I love this movie, I watch it everytime it plays. I never really appreciated Karens voice until I watched this movie. She truly had a powerful beautiful voice. Unlike the talents today, Karen Carpenter is one of a kind, and her voice will never be replaced.

Its such a shame what happend in her life, such a good person, close to her family, such wonderful talented.

Thank you for letting me share my toughts :)
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