The Now Spinning/Recent Purchases Thread

It's not on the main part of the mall that is closed to traffic--it's at 1646 Pearl St., Paradise Found Records. Two blocks beyond the east end, on the corner of Pearl and 17th. The owner's standard greeting seems to be "Welcome to Paradise" whenever anyone walks in. 😁 (Then the Green Day song starts playing in my head...)
After all the running around this morning, and lunch, I ventured out to a few record stores--Earth Pig Records, Tiger Records, and Independent Records. The first two were closer to the motel, but the third was along S. Academy in CO Springs.

Heads up to anyone around CO Springs--Independent Records is having a going-out-of-business sale. It is a huge store, and the bins were maybe 2/3 empty on all rows. They are, however, offering 20% off all items. What amazed me is that a lot of the records left in the bins were $2.99, $3.99, etc., with a scant few rarer titles that were higher. Some of those $2.99/$3.99 records look to be in excellent condition. One is a bit beat up, but the SugarCube will sort it out. I splurged only on two items--Kevin Gray remastered the Tito Puente Mambo Diablo album (Concord Picante, reissued by Craft), and they had a really clean copy of the Joe Farrell Quartet album on CTI that wasn't outrageously expensive (after discount it was $16, vs. around $40 at one of the other stores). Everything else was inexpensive, so I probably ended up with 10-12 titles total from this store.

I found three LPs at Tiger Records for under $20. They had very little jazz (only two rows) but they opened about six months ago, so they are still building up inventory. I hope they will be around next time I visit.

Earth Pig didn't have a lot of jazz, but did have enough to sort through and pick a few titles. I found (but didn't buy) a used Nautilus cut of Ghost in the Machine, but I have one on the way from a Discogs seller, sealed, so I don't really need it. I need to find a clean Zenyatta and Reggatta yet, but didn't see either one. Actually I did see the latter in a few places, sealed, but they were stamped "Made in Poland." I'll pass.

There were one or two other stores but I ran out of time. Something to do on the next trip.

There will be a lot of cleaning once I get back home. I'll post one or two at a time as I go through them.
Gee I miss going to record stores. There are simply none anywhere near me.
I miss the VinylHub site. It was operated by Discogs and mapped out where record stores were located. I guess it was spammed somehow and they had no way to moderate it, so they shut it down and have been attempting to replace it with something inside Discogs itself.

Hunting records can turn into an all-day excursion. Even where I live, there are maybe three within a ten mile radius of the house (including one that is just two streets over from me that I haven't visited yet), a scattering of them up another main road in town, and some over in the college town which is about an hour away.
Got home with the vinyl stash and am still assessing the mayhem. Here's one that is taking a bath...

PXL_20230801_195127538 (2)-360x360.jpg


3 from Paradise Found Records (Boulder CO) (including the Grover above)
6 from Earth Pig Records (CO Springs)
3 from Tiger Records (CO Springs)
14 from Independent Records (CO Springs)

One day this week I have to dig through my records in storage to find Soul Box Vol. 2, since I got it as a gift and probably only played it once or twice. Go figure.

Independent did have a handful of TJB and Baja titles available, but nothing I didn't already own. They did have a Sandpipers title I'd never seen before (basically a repackaged The Wonder of You for Germany, A&M 212 066), but I didn't need it:

My Turrrentine is Baddest Turrentine.*


One of the three LPs from my Paradise Found Records haul. Cleaned it yesterday and it plays nicely. This is a compilation LP from CTI that grabs from four different Turrentine albums. (One track from each.) "Sugar" and "Salt Song" are on side one, so that sold me on it. 😁

The Soul Box Vol. 1 above is spinning at the moment. The cover has a cut-out notch on it but the vinyl cleaned up nicely and plays like new. I just make sure to skip the opening track "Aubrey." 😁 (The LP only has three tracks.)

The third and final grab from this shop is another copy of Jean-Luc Ponty's Enigmatic Ocean--my better copy is off-center on one side and has slight wear. Hoping this one is better.

(*Paraphrasing a common Corvette jest. "My Corvette is best Corvette." After which the owner explains how "unique" their Corvette is due to some rare combination of option packages.)
The third and final grab from this shop is another copy of Jean-Luc Ponty's Enigmatic Ocean--my better copy is off-center on one side and has slight wear. Hoping this one is better.
Only very slightly off-center on both sides, and less wear. It's a win.

Starting on the pile from Earth Pig Music now. I cleaned my Fingers first. "Tombo in 7/4" is a favorite track from this record. I think you can see somewhat of a trend in what I've been buying. 😉 The cover on mine is in good shape. Some of these jackets did not age well, but this one was cared for. And it's a good player as well.


So far 10/10 out of the purchases I've made so far. Unlike buying vinyl locally, where I reject about 60% of what I buy as being either too noisy or too worn. I have yet to get into the cheap $2.99/$3.99 picks from Independent Records, though--I know some of those looked a bit "used" but others looked nearly unplayed. So it'll be interesting to see what I get there. Cleaning takes time so it'll probably be a few days before I get to that pile.
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So far, the trend has continued and all the new buys have been good players after a cleaning. The following are still from Earth Pig Records.

Michael Franks - The Art of Tea. My vinyl copy was worn--this one is quiet and plays like new. My other one is going into the "donate" pile.

Chick Corea/Gary Burton - Duet. This was one of the albums on ECM similar to their Crystal Silence album. I bought this one mainly for "La Fiesta," a Chick Corea track that appeared on his ECM album Return to Forever. My attachment to this track goes back to high school, when our jazz band's rhythm section (twins Mike and Mark on piano and bass, neighbor Dave on drums, all playing at a professional level even at that age) did a gig at school, doing their own arrangement of "La Fiesta" (basically, just adding the bass part) from this album.

Lee Ritenour - Festival. A GRP release. This is one of his Brazilian projects and is quite good. "Latin Lovers" is a standout.

Various - Fuse One. This is a CTI "supergroup" recording from the 80s, produced by Creed Taylor.


Finally, I found a sealed copy of George Duke's Dream On. I had this on vinyl original, then traded it for the CD which is a bit dumpy sounding. Good to have it back. I played the heck out of it back in the day.
BTW, here is "La Fiesta." I've heard different arrangements of it but this one is still the favorite.

And while I start cleaning the batch from Tiger Records, I pulled out the Tito Puente Mambo Diablo LP, reissued on 180g by Craft Recordings. This is a great sounding LP! The Concord Picante CDs always sounded good, but could be a little on the harsh and bright side. This sounds wonderful--the percussion is still as sharp as can be, but the horns and vibes on the title track sound more full-bodied. And the music is top notch as well--it was my first recording of Puente's that I bought (back in the mid 80s when this album was new and getting local airplay), starting yet another "going down the rabbit hole" adventure over the ensuing decades. The title track is reminiscent of something Cal Tjader would have played, and Puente had even said in concert that his inspiration for the vibraphone comes from Tjader. A high compliment for both artists!


Sometimes these things just write themselves...


...and this purchase was one of three from Tiger Records for $5.99. The background noise is a bit high (only noticeable when playing loudly in quieter passages), but I may try another cleaning to see if it helps. No wear, though, so that's most of the battle.

This one, as you can tell by the CTI 8000 catalog number, is in the reissue series with the alternate jacket.

The remaining two records from the Tiger Records stash that have been cleaned up. Both are A-OK condition-wise. All told, $18 plus tax for all three. (Although the Airto record above was "Free" so I don't understand why I was charged for it, but, oh well.)

Stanley Clarke & George Duke - Clarke/Duke Project II. I played the heck out of the first CDP album but it took me a while to get this one, as I had to wait for it to appear on a Japanese import CD.

Milton Nascimento - Encontros e Despedidas. Quite a nice pressing and it's in fine condition--I don't think it was played much, if at all. And not too bad for a mid 80s Polydor pressing. I played this quite a bit on CD when it first came out. I haven't listened to this in decades and honestly I don't remember too much of it. (One of the drawbacks to Brazilian albums in Portuguese--it's harder to remember the hooks when the words aren't familiar.) Notable are guest appearances by Hubert Laws on the title track, and Pat Metheny on "Vidro e Corte."
I've started on a couple of the titles from Independent Records. First is the album by Joe Beck, Beck, later called Beck & Sanborn (due to David Sanborn's participation):


Very clean player. And I still think the cover painting is ugly. The jacket is a bit ratty--the rear slick is coming unglued. But a keeper nonetheless, and it still has the original Kudu "bumblebee" innersleeve, which is good. All for $3.99. 👍

And here's one of the $2.99 picks:


Sam Butera and the Witnesses. From Louis Prima's backing band, it's what you listen to after about five minutes of Prima's shtick and just want to hear the band. Surprisingly good condition!

Another $2.99:


Al (He's The King) Hirt and His Band. Also in nice condition! It's Jumbo doing what Jumbo does. 😁 This dates to 1961, prior to his more pop-oriented records, so there is some freewheeling Dixieland jazz on this record.

Finally, for now, this curiosity, another at $2.99:


"Their Only Recorded Appearance Together"...or at least it was in 1958 when this was first released. (We'll see more from Pete and Jumbo later... 😉) The album was originally entitled Al Hirt's Jazz Band Ball (Verve MGV-1012), then was reissued in 1961 as Blockbustin' Dixie (V-1028). It later saw reissue by MGM as The Very Best of Al Hirt & Pete Fountain on MGM E-4216 (who owned Verve at the time). I believe this was a mono-only release, given the date. There are two releases on Discogs that mention stereo, but I wonder if they are fake stereo, or a two-track master cut to vinyl.

And the curious thing is that this appeared to be a sealed copy. It was sealed in an outer wrapper that looked really aged, but isn't the tight shrink wrapping that we're used to. Opened it up and yep, it's brand spankin' new. The innersleeve is an original Verve sleeve from the era, and other than a single fingerprint from whoever dropped this into its sleeve 62 years ago, there isn't a mark on it. The vinyl is also dead quiet. There was one skip, but that was due to a small bit of dirt (I haven't put it through the cleaner yet). Good score here!
A quick detour. Sealed copy of this arrived while I was out:


Now I just need Zenyatta and Reggatta sealed to complete the collection. Or, to correct my stupidity in getting rid of these decades ago for CDs.
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there was one I wasn't aware of that he released fairly late in his career in 2002. It's called EVERYTHING WAITS TO BE NOTICED, and he teamed up with two other artists, Maia Sharp and Buddy Mondlock.
I just auditioned this. My, oh my! This is really quite good -- in fact I just ordered the CD. Thank, Harry. (I have Art's Angel Clare (which I really like) and Breakaway (which is just OK -- it has some of that annoying mid/late '70s snare-drum-in-your-skull backbeat); his other albums I've auditioned but were not musically interesting to me.)
Yeah, I was really amazed how good it was. An update to my adventures in finding a good copy:

I ordered another cheap used copy (by now I could have bought the real thing new and saved this aggravation!) from another one of those "declutter" type stores and it arrived a couple of days ago. It was supposed to be in Very Good+ condition, disc and sleeve.

I opened the package and saw the rattiest-looking jewel case ever. I was amazed it was still holding together! So I looked inside and there was this pristine-looking CD, really good shape, and the paper inserts were also in nice shape. It was just the plastic jewel case that was a mess. So I found a new jewel case home for the disc and innards and all is well, but really, I can't believe anyone would send out a "Very Good+" CD in that kind of case - even for $6 and change!
I've seen some Discogs seller listing saying that the ratings are for the inserts and the disc, since jewel cases can be replaced. Given how abusive the USPS can be, though, I've had even sealed CDs arrive with a crack or broken corner. The only time I really got cheesed off was when I ordered a used MoFi SACD of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the seller took it out whatever type of case MoFi provided and shipped it with inserts in a flat envelope. So I have this one oddball on the shelf that has no case, and MoFi won't replace it (too long out of print).

If anyone else wants to check out Artie's album, here's the entire thing on YouTube Music.

Final wrap-up of the Colorado Record Crawl results. These are what remain from Independent Records. I now wish I'd stuck around longer and crawled through bins in all the other sections of the store, seeing how good the condition of these records were at such low prices. All have now been cleaned in the Degritter and stored in rice-paper sleeves.

Stan Kenton - Cuban Fire. Good album musically but the condition of this one is not good. But I knew that going in. It's one of the old turquoise-label Capitols with the eccentric lock groove. The main thing is that it is scratched. It has a couple of spots where the stylus got stuck. Yet I was amazed again at how well the SugarCube cleaned it up. At such a high setting, the trombones sometimes take a hit, but otherwise the layers of scratches are mostly eliminated. The record is not worn out, either--aside from the scratches it is a decent player.

The Best of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Columbia release. Not played yet.

Pete Fountain and Al Hirt - The New Orleans Scene. This is a mono record on the Coral label, which is the older maroon styled label vs. the MCA-era black with the rainbow band through the middle. Played side one and it's in great condition. Pete Fountain was signed to Coral roughly when Jumbo was recording for RCA. So despite what the Verve record said, this is another time they've recorded together.

Vital Information - Global Beat. Columbia, from the mid 80s. Not played yet. But this jazz fusion group was led by drummer Steve Smith who has performed in a handful of bands including the rock band Journey.

Eddie Gomez - Power Play. Another Columbia release from the mid 80s-ish. Gomez was the long-time bassist with Bill Evans. On this one, Gomez appears to play electric bass on some tracks, and it is a mix of a more modern pop-jazz-fusion style mixed in with a few more adventurous tracks with Gomez on the upright double bass. So far I really like this one!

And the next four have a common thread, as you'll notice... 😁

Jackie & Roy - Time & Love. Not played yet. For $2.99 and in clean condition, how could I not add it to the CTI collection?

Herbie Mann - Glory of Love. Audio Master Plus edition. I haven't played this one yet, but figured $2.99 for a half-speed mastered version can't be all bad. I might even have this one--I didn't bother checking since it was so cheap. Looks flawless.

Joe Farrell Quartet - s/t. This one was...a bit more. But for $16 (after 20% discount) the cover is flawless and the vinyl looks almost like new. Like a few others above, it has the original CTI innersleeve, and this one isn't creased at all. This record was either rarely played, or very well taken care of.

Deodato - Prelude. Yeah...for $2.99 I had to get it. Not the best copy--has some background noise to it. There was another for $2.99 that looked a bit worse but as these things go, sometimes they can look janky but play with no issues at all. I don't like this album enough to chase down another copy...unless it's $2.99.


Lani Hall - Hello It's Me. Has a couple of songs I like. Condition not good--not scratched, but it has groove burn, and the jacket came unglued while handling it. This one was sent to the reject pile. It can be someone else's headache. I didn't waste a rice paper sleeve on this one.

After so much bad luck with local vinyl, I'm happy that all but a few of these were in great condition. I played a few tracks or an entire side of many of them, and played a couple all the way through, mainly to check condition.

The only ones with flaws are nothing I'm too upset about. I could easily see the Kenton Cuban Fire was in shabby condition, but with the SugarCube it plays way better than it has any right to. The wear on Lani's album is about what I get from local vinyl. Deodato's Prelude is still a bit noisy but I may try a little more cleaning to see if I can bring it around, or see if it's a pressing defect.

There are only four I haven't checked yet. But I'll get to those soon. Very pleased with this haul! And I only regret not checking out more of Independent Records...but felt my tab was getting a bit high when I was lugging a stack of records around the store. 🤣 One other regret was not buying the Nautilus half-speed pressing of Ghost in the Machine from Earth Pig Records, seeing that the sealed copy I bought sounds terrible. I am still kicking myself for getting rid of my original vinyl copy. This one was a little pricey, but still less than having me buy a couple more sealed copies to find the ideal one.

As for my reject pile, Lani's introducing herself to it as we speak ("hello, it's me"). And I have dozens now. I'm going to let my youngest sort through them and pick out what she wants, and the rest will go for trade or I'll donate them to the local record store within walking distance of the house (we like helping out local small businesses).
Listing to World Party "Best In Show" (Greatest Hits from 2007) & "Egyptology" (1997) which has the song "She's The One". Heard that song on the speaker when I was folding towels or putting clothes in hangers at the old Elder-Beerman in Midland, MI. Almost reminds me of the Bob Seger 1978 song "We've Got Tonight"!!
It's been a busy long weekend so I didn't do much but pick away at a few things while working. I had to use the JBL Boombox on Saturday to drown out the neighbor blaring rap in his front yard, though. 🙄

Had a bad vinyl experience today but I'll write about it separately. What I did keep, though, was the Music on Vinyl pressing of Idris Muhammad's Power of Soul, since I've played it so darned much. Unfortunately it has quite a few ticks, which is very surprising as every other MoV pressing I've ever bought has been dead silent, flat, and perfectly centered. It's nothing the SugarCube can't handle so I'm not worried about it but still, it's disappointing.
I finally digitally remastered all of the 25 Volumes of RHINO's "Super Hits Of The '70s: Have A Nice Day" Series (early 1990 till late 1996) because some of the songs were on scratchy record vinyl (NOT the reel to reel master tape) except 2 songs that are on vinyl including The Hudson Brothers song "Rendezvous" (from Vol. 17) & Starbuck "Everybody Be Dancin'" (from Vol. 24) because when I downloaded the Starbuck song (from 1977 "Rock 'N Roll Rocket"), it is the scratchy record vinyl!! You will have to go to: because singer Bruce Blackman has the master tapes!! The song "Rendezvous" is NOT available on Apple iTunes as well as their 1975 classic album "Ba-Fa" & the rest of their catalog. The only song available on Apple iTunes by The Hudson Brothers is 1974 "So You Are A Star" (about Bill Hudson & his former wife Goldie Hawn) (from the "Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2" movie soundtrack) BUT it is "album only" so you will have to pay for the complete album. I also used a few songs from the RHINO "Have A Nice Day" Series that are the long album versions (instead of the short edited 45 single versions)!! I do not have the CD box set of "Have A Nice Day" though.
I also did the same thing on RHINO's "Soul Hits Of The '70s: Didn't It Blow Your Mind" Series (Volumes 1 through 20) from early 1991 till the last ones in late 1995. The late Luther Ingram song "If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)" from 1972 is the only one that is on scratchy record vinyl. I also used a few of the long album versions (instead of the short edited 45 single versions) as well!!!
By the way, some of the songs that I remastered from Apple iTunes cost $ 75 (both RHINO "Have A Nice Day" & "Didn't It Blow Your Mind")!!
Pulled out Goodbye Yellow Brick Road this afternoon, followed by Equinox by Styx. I think the latter may be one of my favorite Styx albums--the band seemed on the verge of something bigger, yet still had more of the prog lite/hometown Chicago vibe to it. It also came at a cool time in life when my buddy and I would cruise along to this record in his old '70 LeSabre. It as John Curulewski's last album with the group. Tommy Shaw joined for Crystal Ball, which followed it.

Earlier I gave a full play to the Craft Recordings reissue of Tito Puente's Mambo Diablo, and the MoV reissue of the Idris Muhammad Power of Soul.

Currently, Toto's Hydra. Then it's time for my new 80s playlist over dinner. 😁
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