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Billy Rees

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There was an interview that Karen gave without Richard where she talked about each track from Christmas Portrait. Karen talks a lot about how Richard wanted the album to sound and what would appear. It’s been said that he wasn’t involved 100% and I know he said this should really have been titled Karen Christmas album but the way Karen talks about each song, it’s evident Richard had a lot to do with how this album turned out.

The links to this interview were on this thread but they were from 2015 and the videos are no longer available.
I have this interview although it’s been spliced to remove all the songs but she talks about each track.
The interview is only Karen talking and runs about 12 mins. It was given to me on a CDR a long time ago.
I’m sure everyone has heard this but I don’t understand why it’s not on u tube.

It’s titled "A Christmas Portrait Interview w/ Karen Carpenter on KIQQ Los Angeles aired Dec 24 1978.
I have it here on my YouTube channel... I didn't upload it before now as I knew it was already out there, but didn't realise until I read this post that it had been taken down!

Christmas Portrait with Karen Carpenter - KIQQ Los Angeles, December 24th 1978


She was born to belong to the lines of a song...
In talking about her rendition of "White Christmas" Karen says that she hopes she did justice to Bing Crosby - no worry - I think he would have been proud...and delighted.

I also like her comments about the beautiful "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and about the two song medley "The First Snowfall/Let It Snow", which she not only enjoyed singing, but enjoyed listening to afterwards - one of my favorites from the album.


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I've never heard KC talk at length on radio. After listening to her comments, I suddenly realize she has the same speech pattern as my next door neighbor. Now it sounds like my neighbor's talking to me. Oh....

Mike Smith

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I'm listening to the original Christmas Portrait. Isn't just a perfect Christmas album; it is a perfect album regardless of genre.

I purchased the vinyl in 1978 and I have it on CD. I wear it out every Christmastime.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!


New Member
I first heard a bit of CP playing on a cheap cassette player at a family Christmas party around 1978. Already being a Carpenters fan, I new immediately that I must have it. Shortly after, I was at the record store staring at the holy grail of Christmas music. I put my hand out and grasped it knowing that I had just given myself the greatest Christmas album that I would ever receive, without ever even hearing it. It was perfect in every way. Years later I bought a cd copy for a friend. She didn't like it and gave it back. I didn't realize that the SE was not the original (it looked the same). When I finally looked at the tracks, I knew why she didnt like it (too many Instrumentals). Many are saying that the SE is the defacto CP, but it is not. Imagine if the Beatles re-released a new Abby Road and 4 original songs were removed and 8 new ones were added under the same album cover. It could never happen. I guess so many people have heard SE for so long, they dont know its the wrong thing. When Karen was alive she CHOSE to leave those overflow songs out of CP because they didn't fit into the picture she was trying to paint. My Opinion. However they were great on the second album.


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Thank you everyone who mentioned the German Christmas Portrait CD, which I didn't know anything about. I'm getting a bit long in the tooth to be a completist any more, and decided years ago just to enjoy the music in the forms I already had, but I couldn't resist the temptation to have CP in the original order on CD. I went on Discogs and managed to get a copy not too expensively from the Netherlands. I'm enjoying playing it, even if Christmas is well past. Thanks again!


I took all of Karen's vocals and consolidated them into one (playlist) set. Being a graphic designer at heart, I also create covers, album and single labels, etc. for K and R, and many of my favorite artists/groups.



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It does! I'm surprised there's been no official announcement of this ... but I think Chris May is on holiday (vacation).

John Tkacik

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This sounds like the new remixed version! Her lead is much more present and sitting above the music. It’s also got the cold ending without the segue into ‘Santa Claus’.
I heard this updated version this afternoon on a local radio station. WEBE 108 FM Connecticut. They flipped the switch to Christmas music as of 12pm local time.


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CP has made the Top 40 on iTunes as of this afternoon 11/26/23
About half of the top 200 are Christmas related albums. People are in the Holiday spirit this year for sure. Record spending all around this weekend. It sure would be great if the vinyl for both Christmas albums would get reissued by next year.
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