The poster included in THE VERY BEST OF HERB ALPERT


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That old Canadian/UK compilation from PolyTel that came out on CD in 1991, THE VERY BEST OF HERB ALPERT,
1641596175988.png had a folded set of liner notes with a poster on the back. I'd forgotten that I did a scan of that poster years ago, found it today, and did a little clean-up work on the folds, and though I'd present it here, for those who maybe haven't seen it.

And here's it is resized for this forum:


Note: when originally scanned, the black & white photos came out with a bluish tinge to them. I used Photoshop to desaturate them to pure black & white. If you want a bigger version, let me know, or try here: VBest CDPoster Desaturated BW — Postimages


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I wish I still had those old posters from the early 70s...
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