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The Singles 1969-1973 SACD and SHM (New Releases)

Mike Blakesley

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You have to wonder why The Singles 1969-1973 keeps getting released on all these new formats. You would assume that As Time Goes By might get a release

That's no mystery - it's because The Singles is a megaselling hits album, and As Time Goes By is more of a curiosity that only major fans have seen or heard of.

It always seems that when reissued, the "mega selling" albums of an artist's career continue to be the best sellers, even if their whole catalog is reissued. People don't "discover" a great old album in droves, they still just buy the Greatest Hits record. (Unfortunately.)


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I tried looking for an official review thread for this album but couldn't find it.

I would highly recommend finding and buying the (Platinum) SHM CD of this album. I bought one on eBay a while back, and am absolutely not disappointed by the quality of the sound. I won't get into the value of Platinum SHM vs. SHM vs. regular CDs (tbh I don't know much)--BUT, what I can provide a testimonial to is the fact that this CD pressing contains basically what you hear on the LP, from start to end. "Yesterday Once More" is the single version, and the "Superstar/Rainy Days and Mondays/Goodbye to Love" medley doesn't sound sped up. (Although I must say "Goodbye to Love" sounds sped up compared to the album version; not sure if the Singles LP was like that as well?)

Get it! It's 100% worth it!


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I fully agree, I have the platinum SHM CD and I love the quality too.
For all we know sounds exceptionally good as on the regular cd it can sound a bit 'quiet' compared to the other tracks


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I am hesitant to buy this because the sound quality of the 1969-73 has always been compromised. For the reasons already mentioned, the end of the side one medley is hard for me to listen to. There are much better sounding versions of each of the three songs on their original albums. However, they are not linked together.

I have to say that I am spoiled by the RPO release. These have become my go-to versions of those songs the last few years.


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:thumbsup:Great to hear that the quality is so good, now I have to find that SACD too!

Talking about great quality.. today I visited the music studio my stepdad works in.
He build up the music speakers and the subwoofer at a way that it’s the best sounding in a room (don’t know how that works).:hmmm:

He played some songs for me, and of course I took a Carpenters CD with me to listen to in the studio.:phones:

It was such an awesome experience to hear their music in such a way that you can hear all the instruments, and Karen’s main vocals in the middle between the speakers!

Only Yesterday sounded the best, it was really great to hear some instruments that I never heard before so frequently.

just wanted to share this, as it gave me a whole other experience of listening to the records!

next time I will hook up my record player.. see how that sounds..

Have a nice day:wave:
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