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The Singles... That never were

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Simon KC1950, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    Yes Harry! When I hear our girl blurt out "frosted window panes", I will know that Christmas will soon be upon us!! Bring it!!!:)
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  2. motownboy

    motownboy Active Member

    I find all the discussion about "I Just Fall In Love Again" to be quite interesting. It is a great song and I also like "You." I think one of the problems with either song being good enough to be a single were the final mixes. The entire "A Kind Of Hush" album suffered from less than wonderful mixing.

    For me, "Horizon" was the best album in terms of sound and production. I found the original LP of AKOH to be a big letdown in this regard. It sounds mushy and not dynamic. On CD, it is the same.

    I think "You" with a better mix could have been at least a top 20 hit. IJFILA for me was just too 60's easy listening sounding. Anne Murray's version sounded more contemporary.
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  3. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    I like your assessment on Hush, but feel a rock opera style mix that it almost became could have penetrated the charts. It is too soft in places. Mid way through the song it begins to pick up to the point where it should have started.
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