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Tijuana Brass Differences in recordings*


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Thank you for breaking this up Harry. I hope we come up with more. Still don't get: why Herb plays Shadow of Your Smile all the way through exactly on mono and stereo, and then changes the last phrase.


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I think I just found another one - at least it's not mentioned here.

"Butterball" from the WHIPPED CREAM & OTHER DELIGHTS album has a difference between the mono and stereo mixes. On the stereo, when it gets to the dixieland clarinet part in the middle (around 1:00 in), Herb joins in with a trumpet solo. Much of that solo is missing in the mono mix.


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On the Mono Lp and Single mix of Spanish Flea from Going places on the piano solo near the end there are Handclaps present and are not heard on the stereo mix
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