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I always start the holiday listening season with a spin of the Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Christmas Album.

This morning i listened to the HAP version first and quickly followed it with the Shout Factory pressing. (my A &M version is long gone, unfortunately).

Gotta say, I find the Shout version a little easier on my ears. A little more top end clarity and not as “bassy” as the HAP version.

Anyone experiencing the same thing?


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That sounds about right. The latest HAP version has a little bit of a boost in the bass that gives the sound a little warmth, without sounding too unlike the original record.


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The Shout Factory titles were often on the bright side. But depending on one's system, that may be a good thing. I know with the new HAP releases, the intention was to be as close to the original as possible. I have yet to do a comparison between original vinyl, 180g vinyl, and the three digital versions I have here. It always was a pretty good sounding record! :thumbsup:


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I have the A&M CD version and the Shout factory version I like Both Equally and I chose not to get the HAP version as I'm happy with the sound of my CDS of the Christmas album Shout has just a bit more brightness and slightly louder than the A&M and since I haven't listened much to my Christmas CDS in 2 years I think what I have Is Sufficient the first time I heard this was in Late November 1980 when my mom bought what appeared to be a first Lp reissue with the white background cover and the silver tan A&M label and it became my Christmas tradition and just a few years later I was able to score a copy of my own and I wore that one out and then came the CD versions it's still A great album
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