TJB knockoff in "Joker" movie

Mike Blakesley

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We just played the movie "Joker" at the theatre.... listening to it from my office, I was surprised to hear the TJB arrangement of "Spanish Flea." Upon further listening, it's NOT the TJB but a knockoff group playing the famous arrangement. Upon checking the movie credits, I found it it's played by "Ray Davies and his Button-Down Brass."

I wonder if they checked with Herb's people about using the TJB version but were turned down. It wouldn't be surprising because the song is used at a particularly disturbing moment in the film.

Aaron Bitman

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Ooh! I never heard of THAT imitator before! I just added it to my book. Thank you!

(Incidentally, I'm now listening to "Whipped Cream: The Trumpet of Ray Davis & His Button Down Brass" on Spotify. Although even Spotify lists that last name as "Davies" the cover clearly spells the name "Davis" without an E; I'm guessing that his real last name had no E.)
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