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Tommy Morgan has passed away


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I had just read this post before retiring to bed last evening. On the TV, right at 10 PM last night, I had tuned to THE TWILIGHT ZONE marathon running this weekend on the DECADES channel. And there was Tommy, playing the score for the episode "Mr. Denton On Doomsday". This was one of the earliest episodes and was set it the old west, so the harmonica score was just perfect.
Dan Duryea is the town drunk, Martin Landau his tormentor, and Malcolm Atterbury the mysterious man-in-black who offers solutions.

When the episode came on, my wife asked if it was a different episode, but I replied that it wasn't what she thought - another western-themed episode - and that Tommy Morgan, that harmonic player, had just passed.

Chris May

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I love these kinds of coincidences. A little tip of the hat to this virtuoso…


Opening to "Rainy Days" will forever be etched in my brain.There was so much great sound coming out of that tiny instrument.Tommy was such a talented man.You played so many rich sounding melodies
throughout the years.Thank You for putting your all into playing the harmonica.Rest easy Tommy.
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