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    A1 Don't Walk AwayWritten-By – Phil Ramacom*, Toni Childs 3:58
    A2 Walk And Talk Like AngelsWritten-By – David Ricketts, Toni Childs 5:46
    A3 Stop Your Fussin'Written-By – David Ricketts, Toni Childs 4:40
    A4 DreamerWritten-By – David Ricketts, Toni Childs 5:01
    A5 Let The Rain Come DownWritten-By – David Batteau, David Ricketts, Toni Childs 4:47
    B1 ZimbabwaeWritten-By – David Ricketts, Toni Childs 6:17
    B2 HushWritten-By – Toni Childs 4:04
    B3 Tin DrumWritten-By – David Ricketts, Toni Childs 5:40
    B4 Where's The OceanWritten-By – Toni Childs 4:41

    Entered by Billboard Top 200 on June 25, 1988
    Charted for 45 weeks and peaked at Number 63

    "Don't Walk Away" reached # 72 as a single
    Available on CD

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    This is a CD I got as a promotional freebie. There was an ad for it in Billboard, with small print at the bottom "To receive your free promotional copy of Union, send a postcard to A&M Records...." which I did -- anything free is great, right?

    I wound up liking the album a lot and still like it today. My favorite song on it is "Dreamer," which is an ethereal ballad on which Childs' unusual voice has the perfect haunting quality. My other favorite is "Tin Drum," which has a catchy chorus and a nice slow building rhythm. I don't remember DISliking any song on it. It's one of those albums you really need to be in the right mood to listen to it.

    Childs' voice is off-the-wall enough that I think she is kind of an acquired taste. The sound was uncompromising and more than a little challenging...hence her A&M career path seemed to mirror Joan Armatrading's a bit -- several albums, and some pretty good reviews, but it did not translate to sales. (She also had an album cover, I think it was her second or third LP, that had "full frontal female nudity" on it, which doesn't get you a lot of display space in the stores.)
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    I bought the single, 'Stop Your Fussing', shortly after it was released after pricking up my ears the first time I heard it on the radio. Not only was Toni Child's voice attention-grabbing but so was the style and energy of the song, the production, and the performance of the other musicians.

    Shortly afterwards, a few friends and I went to a Toni Childs concert, which we all enjoyed. This was around 1988.

    Later, I bought the 'Don't Walk Away' and 'Zimbabwe' singles.

    A few of my friends had the 'Union' album and it was on high rotation at get-togethers, etc. The whole album was strong.

    I bought the 'I've Got to Go Now' cd single upon release and thrashed it to death. Soon after came the 'House of Hope' single, the 'I Want to Walk With You' single and the 'House of Hope' albums, which were all favourites at the time. (In other countries, I notice that 'Heaven's Gate' was the 'A' side to 'I Want to Walk With You' but I don't think we got that single here).

    'Many Rivers to Cross' was then a huge smash here for Toni Childs in the early 90s, although it had been recorded a few years earlier. I bought 'The Very Best of Toni Childs' and 'This Woman's Boat' albums and, eventually, 'Union'.

    I hadn't listened to Toni Childs for years until recently, when I played 'Union' and 'House of Hope' a couple of times each, before settling upon 'The Very Best Of', which I've listened to a number of times in the last few months because it has so many well-known songs on it.

    Around the time I rediscovered the Toni Childs albums, I looked on the Internet to see how successful she had been in the USA and was surprised to see that 'Union' was her only big-selling record there.

    Toni Childs is one of those artists who you expect would have been a lot more successful in her home country. She has performed in my home town recently.

    Toni Childs now lives in Australia.

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