Tonni Kalash "The Boss" 1962


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Now This is Very Different from What we heard From him later But it's also A Good Record too He obviously was Very Solid Jazz Trumpeter
Thanks for posting Mr. Bill.A gem. I see that Tonni Kalash was the composer as well. A bit of Maynard Ferguson seeping through his style here. Tight band backing him up. A couple of thoughts: I admire Tonnis versatility in that he had to play a totally different style when playing with Herb, sort of akin to Wynton Marsalis switching from classical to jazz trumpet on the turn of a dime in the beginning of his career. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when Herb was auditioning trumpet players to play with him. I wonder what were his main criteria for evaluating future members of the goup.


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Al Hirt has a very full (I almost want to say "fat") tone, which I'm hearing in Tonni's playing. That kind of tone comes from tremendous breath support behind the mouthpiece.
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