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Trilogy - Favorites

Kyle Thomas

Today’s choices:
Album: Close to You
Single: Only Yesterday
Album Cut: Kiss Me the Way You Did Last Night
Interesting to see "Kiss Me" on your list. I've always thought that, had Richard finished it in 1981, it could have been an excellent follow-up to "Touch Me When We're Dancing" as a single. The freshness of sound, the guitar solo, the catchy melody... I find it to be much stronger of a song than "(Want You) Back In My Life Again" and certainly better than the (awful, sorry!) "Beechwood" single.

John Adam

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Album: "Horizon" (Excluding compilations and hits)
Single: "All You Get From Love Is A Love Song"
Album Track: "Ordinary Fool"
-My second best favorites-
Album: "Carpenters" - The Tan album
Single: "I Need To Be In Love"
Album Track: "Let Me Be The One"
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