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"Two Sides" (1977, from the Passage album)

The OED Loves Me Not

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Could I please take the liberty to open a new thread on Two Sides (1977, from the Passage album)? I know the old thread under the same title was made by someone else a month ago or so, then deleted only a few days ago. I think the fault is all mine. I think that the last three comments that I left in the thread were regarded as inappropriate and deleted. If so, I sincerely apologize to the moderators, the original poster of the old thread, and the other forum members.

I still believe that it is very important for us to have a thread here under Two Sides. Just like the original poster of the old thread, I love the song. It is a great song, with profoundly meaningful lyrics and spectacularly delivered by Karen, just as always. Now, if the moderators judge that it is inappropriate for me to open this thread, then I ask them to delete my thread right away. But, in that case, could you please open a similar thread yourselves, not just for me but for the original poster and the other forum members, please? Thank you.
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