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Universal Music Contacts ?

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Aside from Ron Fair , the President for UNiversal Interscope/ Geffen / A&M , does any A&M Corner regular have contact names for other Universal Execs based in Santa Monica.

While Universal may release the obvious and the tired .....perhaps a few letters from A&M regulars may give these Execs a few new ideas .......??


Peter....ever hopeful.........

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Jimmy Iovine is chairman of the Interscope/A&M/Geffen. Ron Fair is titled as A&M's President and reports to Iovine. Doug Morris is Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Group. Zach Horowitz is President & COO of Universal Music Group. Unfortunately,Universal Vivendi is in such turmoil that this would be fruitless. Check out some of the Vivendi troubles noted here at the forum and just about anywhere in business news. A letter from one of us ain't gonna brighten their day anytime soon. Crappy compilations, price gouging,cardboard packaging,treasures kept locked in the vault-these are merely grains of sand on their beach of despair. Mac
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