🎵 AOTW Vernell Brown Jr. STAY TUNED (A&M CD 5382)


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1Seize The Moment5:13
2Everybody Needs A Friend4:15
4Hot Potato5:02
5Living The Dream3:23
6Moving On4:06
7Mirror Image5:11
8Stay Tuned3:48
9Where's The Funk?4:07
10Whoever You Are4:19
11Night Walker4:59
12138 m.p.h.3:00

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I have this CD and his previous A&M CD both are smooth jazz gems Hot Potatoe got a lot of airplay in my neck of the woods back in the day


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Hey Bobberman,

"Hot Potato" got a lot of airplay in my neck of the woods as well! It was played on the somewhat sorely missed CD 101.9 jazz station ( I said it that way because the station started off good, but by the time the station was ending, it played a lot of crappy $mooth jazz, and also pop tunes that had nothing to do with jazz. Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, The Temptations, anyone?)

From what I understand, Mr.Brown wasn't in music for the long run; he was discovered by Mr.M himself as in Jerry Moss; who saw him perform at a Grammy event, and signed him immediately to A&M. Jerry hooked him up with Stix Hooper, who produced his debut album. I understand on Vernell's second album, Herb played on one of the cuts. However, I just came from youtube, and one of the posters had said Vernell hasn't stopped making music, just stopped making albums! He still makes music, but not anything recorded(if you can figure that one out!) Well, then I scrolled down some more, and one of the posters was none other than Vernell himself! He said that new recorded music was coming out soon, but that was eight years ago. As they say, we shall see, we shall see...
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