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Waylon & Herb

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I just found a copy of a single by Waylon Jennings on A&M. The A side is a cover of the Ian & Sylvia song "Four Strong Winds" and credits the arrangement to Herb Alpert. It also has trumpet on it which I figure was done by Herb as well. Did Waylon Jennings do any other recordings on A&M?
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"Four Strong Winds" is included on SP 4238 DON'T THINK TWICE by Waylon Jenning, which will be AOTW in two weeks. The album was recorded in 1963-64 but not released until after Waylon won a Grammy in 1969.
Waylon was primarily an RCA artist, but returned in 1978 to participate in WHITE MANSIONS (A&M SP/CD 6004), a Civil War concept album.
There are 3 songs from A&M singles not included on an album:
"Rave On" and "Love Denied" (# 722) and "Sing the Girls a Song, Bill" (#753).
Since there's already a link to my site, follow it to see scans of these non-A&M singles.
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