🎵 AOTW Wendy MaHarry: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH (A&M CD 5370)


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Don't Let My Heart Break 2:47
Too Busy Looking Out the Window 3:56
Desperate 3:50
Until Now 3:16
How Do I Get Over You? 3:21
Fountain of Youth 3:15

Money 5:55
Brother 3:21
Nothing Close to Love 4:19
Chagall 4:01
Backstabbing Girls 3:29
Don't Ask Me 2:19
How Do I Get Over You? (remix - produced by Daniel Abraham)

Wendy MaHarry - composer, piano, arranger
Dwight Marcus - producer, engineer, synthesizer, drums, bass, arranger

Released 1991
Issued on vinyl in Europe only


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