What are your all time favorite Jazz recordings and artists of All time?

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    I ripped my CDs to my computer years ago, but I don't find myself wanting to shuffle the songs across different artists. I guess it's because (1) I like to play precisely what I want when I want; and (2) I find that I don't enjoy every song on those NAC CDs like I once did. It's actually kinda coincidental that you should comment now, as yesterday I played some of my favorite tracks from those artists for about an hour. Problem is... my favorites are the only ones I have the desire to hear. A lot of deep cuts were ok, but I don't care to sit through them all.

    Case in point: I love to hear "Miss You" by T-Square. But the rest of the Megalith album just doesn't grab me much anymore. It's not a bad album per se. But I'd just rather hear something I like a little better during the time spent listening to music. I guess I'm just more discerning than I used to be.
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    I have been more selective now myself--I will easily delete a few songs from an album when I play it over the network. I also find I have been "devouring" new music quite a bit also. Not necessarily newly recorded, but new to me. I just get restless. I never understood listeners who are so focused on just a few bands or artists at the near exclusion of all else. (Sometimes the Beatles worship borders on psychotic...yeah, OK, I respect them and like a small number of their records, but if I spin one record a year, that's enough for me.) I would go bat-sheet crazy if I were stuck listening to only a few artists, or one narrowly defined genre of music.

    If I really want the "album" experience, I will play vinyl. That makes me pay more attention, and I also let it play out each side. I have actually found in recent years I am discovering new things on LPs in the past where I used to skip songs or entire sides.
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    To clarify I don't always use the shuffle mode every time and I like listening to albums too ( there are tons of those programmed in There too) our moods for what we want to hear differ from day to day and that's where Selectivity and Discernment comes in being selective is a good thing and as for the Beatles I was a heavy fan when I was a teen these days not quite as much but I still enjoy listening to them once in awhile same is true for everything I'm just saying it's nice to have access to your music in more than one way
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    I find that some of the album cuts that I disliked originally I am now starting to like. I’m all over the place musically so I’m continually revisiting things. (Says the woman wearing her Abbey Road T-shirt. :D)
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