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What has become of John Bettis?

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I wonder what has become of John Bettis?

I know, that in the early Eighties he wrote some songs with Barry Manilow, but none of them became a big hit; then ofcourse he wrote, together with Albert Hammond, the song "When You Tell Me That You Love Me", which became a smash hit for Diana Ross and went to No.2 in the UK Single Charts in late 1991.

Last thing I heard from Bettis was the interview in the PBS Special "Close To You - Remembering The Carpenters".

looking forward to the Diana Ross Concert in Bonn on June 26th.....
I thought I'd read Bettis was working in Nashville as a lyricist on some country songs, but haven't heard anything recently. I may have to do a search on some of his songs to see if I recognize any recent ones.

-= N =-
John Bettis is a member of ASCAP's Board of Directors, elected to it in 1995 (according to ASCAP's website). In 1997, he testified before Congress on behalf of all ASCAP members regarding copyright/licensing issues. Also, he was chairman of the Board of the National Academy of Songwriters (1986-87). Among other credits, he apparently wrote music used in the Star Trek V soundtrack.:cool:

Sounds like he's a bigshot in the music industry.:) Not surprising, IMO, given his talent and educational background (I believe he studied political science or law at CSULB).

It would be interesting to see what a search of songs he's written recently would turn up.
I did some research myself, and I've found out, that John Bettis wrote the lyrics to some great hits in the Eighties:

Human Nature, Michael Jackson
Slow Hand, Pointer Sisters
Crazy For You, Madonna
One Moment In Time, Whitney Houston

Respect, Mr.Bettis! :o

Dan, which star do Karen, Richard and Herb Alpert unveil at your picture? To my knowledge, the Carpenters Star on the Walk Of Fame was unveiled by Richard in 1983. some months after Karens death.

all those years ago.....
I didn't realise John Bettis composed "Slow Hand". "Crazy For You" is a real surprise also. I'd say Richard Carpenter was very lucky to have met up wish such a prolific hit-songwriter early on!

Bruno, that's Herb's star. I don't know what year he received it, however. Judging from the picture of Richard & Karen my guess would be around 1974. :?:
Hi All,
Bettis performed "Slowhand" as a solo version at the Karen Carpenter memorial concert June 1983 at the Downey Methodist church.Bettis did comment that this was an unusual venue given the lyrics of the songs !.

"Crazy For you" a huge Madonna hit , was tailor made for Karen's expressive vocals along with a few other tracks from Richard's "Time" album.

Richard and John Bettis have continued to collaborate on a number of songs , most unreleased to date.Richard mentioned in a UK interview 1996/1997 that several new songs were completed.However none fitted the instrumental / backing vocals PACC album of 1997.

Understand there are several new original songs on Richard's upcoming Christmas album.Not sure if "Together At Christmas Again" is an original?

Bettis has written mainly for Films / TV (An area Capenter / Bettis should develop for the future) .There was a TV musical with Dolly Parton lead vocals and a musical based on the lives / careers of George Burns and Gracie Allen "Say Goodnight" in 1998 / 1999.

Carpenter / Bettis have written some classic songs and are vastly underrated as songwriters.Long overdue for some awards , aside from the RIAA awards for sales of Carpenters singles.

Peter...Awaiting some more Bettis gems...... :) :)
PJ said:
Bettis has written mainly for Films / TV (An area Capenter / Bettis should develop for the future) .
I couldn't agree more, Peter. I see nothing preventing them from writing killer scores for films and musicals. Richard's genius for medley arrangement would, in my view, find a very successful outlet with the latter especially. I suppose he's been so busy doing compilations, concerts, and now a new album that he hasn't had time enough for sitting down and writing for any yet.

Appeciate the additional info about Bettis. Maybe he should be next in the WOF Star unveiling department. :)
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